Am I the scoundrel for uttering 'I told you so' to my beloved after one of her male acquaintances attempted to woo her?

My dear companion and I have been romantically entwined for approximately one year. She is acquainted with a number of gentlemen, and I am not one to believe that men and women are incapable of maintaining amicable relations. However, with two of these fellows, it is patently evident that they harbour desires exceeding mere friendship. Their intentions are so transparent that I find it baffling that my beloved fails to perceive them.

Surely, if I can discern their ulterior motives by the peculiar energy they emanate in my presence, she ought to be similarly aware. Alas, this is not the case.

Whenever I have broached the subject, my beloved has taken umbrage, accusing me of jealousy and of reading too much into the situation. I retort that, as a gentleman, my perspective on the matter is likely more astute than hers, as ladies are occasionally slow to recognize such subtle cues. Two evenings past, my beloved spent time in the company of her friends, including one of the aforementioned gentlemen. From her account, they partook in libations, and he proceeded to make remarks insinuating his romantic interest in her. Understandably perturbed, my beloved terminated the evening shortly thereafter.

The following morning, she received a series of missives from this gentleman, in which he apologised for his untoward behaviour before reversing course and declaring that he could provide her with far greater happiness than I. Naturally, my beloved rebuffed his advances and was understandably upset by the encounter. Upon being apprised of these events, I perused the messages and responded with a touch of sarcasm, remarking, “Wow, who could have foreseen such an outcome?”

This comment incensed my beloved, who accused me of behaving in a most ungentlemanly manner and insisted that she could not have possibly anticipated this turn of events. She has remained vexed with me ever since.

I beseech you, am I the scoundrel in this matter?

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Indeed, you are the scoundrel in this unfortunate circumstance. Your beloved experienced discomfort, had her boundaries overstepped, and yet she acted with propriety, informing the gentleman in question that his advances were unwelcome. Rather than providing comfort and ensuring her well-being, you chose, regrettably, to admonish her. In a moment of folly, you suggested that she deserved such treatment, failing to recognize the loss of her friend and the harassment she endured. You, without a doubt, a considerable scoundrel in this matter.

You are the scoundrel in this instance. Your responses were not only inappropriate but also remarkably immature. Instead of fostering trust and support in your relationship, you have undermined your beloved's confidence. You must strive to be more conscientious of the words you employ and the manner in which they may impact those around you, particularly your dear partner.